Authentic passion for hospitality

Throughout my childhood and adolescent memories, and as long as I lived with my parents, the arrival of a guest was always preceded by important preparations!

My mother would go through every corner of the house, making sure everything was in perfect order. The imperative (still fashionable today) was to warn her of the arrival a few days in advance! This lets us attain the maximum hygiene and cleanliness of the rooms for your stay.

In the culture of the land where I was born, Puglia, receiving a guest was the test of every good landlord.

More than thirty years after being a teenager, I perfectly remember the solemnity that preceded the arrival of guests.

The scent of laundry permeated every room. The beds were carefully prepared. The towels, perfectly folded on the bed, were one of the many welcome signs that, on my first trip as a boy, I discovered they were also in vogue in hotels, but hitherto I believed it was the exclusive prerogative of my mother’s ceremonial skills.

Tidiness was not only the most evident feature in the rooms dedicated to guests’ stay, but a behavioral rule of every member of the family, so that, on the such days, we all applied the utmost care to keep the state of hygiene unaltered, ensuring the maximum comfort for guests.

At J24 B&B, I kept the spirit of hospitality that I learned in my parents’ house intact, conveying all the warmth of the small gestures that my mother taught me to our guests.

Davide Pistillo

Owner of the J24 Guest House